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Plugin list

Released plugins

Released plugins can been found here

Plugins documentation

AdminerSQL Plugin allowing to manage i-MSCP databases through Adminer.
ClamAV Plugin allows to use ClamAV with i-MSCP.
CronJobs Plugin providing a cron time-based job scheduler for i-MSCP.
Demo Plugin allowing to setup an i-MSCP demo server in few minutes.
DomainAutoApproval Plugin allowing auto-approval of new domain aliases.
InstantSSH Plugin allowing to provide full or jailed shell access to customers.
LetsEncrypt This plugin allows customers to enable/disable SSL for their domains in one-click.
Mailgraph Plugin providing statistical graphics for SMTP traffic (Postfix and Sendmail).
Mailman Plugin allowing to manage mailing-lists through i-MSCP using Mailman.
Monitorix Plugin provides lightweight system monitoring tool for Linux/UNIX servers.
MyDNSThis plugin is designed as a full DNS management system. It's a drop-in replacement for the built-in i-MSCP DNS server implementation.
OpenDKIM Plugin providing OpenDKIM an implementation for i-MSCP.
OwnDDNS Plugin allowing to manage your own DDNS service with i-MSCP.
PanelRedirect Plugin which allows to access i-MSCP panel through Apache using the default HTTP ports (80, 443).
PolicydSPF Plugin which allows to run postfix-policyd-spf-perl for Postfix.
PolicydWeight Plugin which allows to run policyd-weight policy daemon for Postfix.
Postgrey Plugin which allows to run postgrey policy server for Postfix.
PhpSwitcher Plugin allowing to provide many PHP versions to customers.
Postscreen Plugin allowing to use Postscreen with Postfix on i-MSCP.
RecaptchaPMA This plugin is designed to activate the reCAPTCHA for the phpMyAdmin login.
RoundcubePlugins Plugin allowing to use Roundcube Plugins with i-MSCP.
ServerDefaultPage Plugin which allows to set a server default page.
SpamAssassin Plugin allowing to use SpamAssassin with i-MSCP.

Testing/staging plugins

Until a plugin is released, it will be stored into the incubator folder of the plugins repository, you can see them following this link here

If the plugin is developed from someone without commit rights to the i-MSCP github repository, there will be probably a forum entry for it here

Be aware that non-free i-MSCP plugins are developed in private repositories.

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