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A frequent question is how do I recover my database password?, see here

The typical process is always the same

Have you lost access to mysql?

If you haven't just go to the next point, otherwise you will need to start mysql with skip-grant-tables More info here

Recover main user

You can access using the debian-sys-maint user on most of debian systems, you'll e able to recover your user from there.

mysql -udebian-sys-maint -p`grep password /etc/mysql/debian.cnf|head -n1|awk '{print $3}'`

Recover i-mscp database user

To recover that one you have to edit two files imscp.old.conf and imscp.conf and delete the values on both files for the entries:


After that re-run the autoinstaller that will ask you the user and password to use to manage i-mscp:

perl ./imscp-autoinstall
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