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Migration from ispCP to i-MSCP

This howto explain how to migrate from ispCP to i-MSCP by using the miration script provided by the i-MSCP team. Currently, only migration from ispCP version 1.0.7 is supported.

Be aware that migration from ispCP is no supported by i-MSCP >= 1.2.16

Before doing the migration, it's greatly recommended to make a backup of your data and even, test the migration with a clone of your system to detect any problem and the way to solve them.

Download and untar i-MSCP archive

  # cd /usr/local/src
  # wget<<version>>.tar.gz
  # tar xzf <<version>>.tar.gz
  # cd imscp-<<version>>

Start the installation of the system in buildonly mode

  # perl imscp-autoinstall -db

Copy i-MSCP files on your file system

Once the build step is done, copy the files on your file system

  # cp -Rv /tmp/imscp/* /

Run the migration script

  # cd  /var/www/imscp/engine/setup/
  # perl imscp-migrate-from-ispcp

Run the i-MSCP setup script

  # perl imscp-setup -d

If all the steps are fine, you should be able to enter in the new control panel

Some considerations

  • The logs for either a failed or successful setup will be at /var/log/imscp/imscp-setup.log
  • The SQL user which is used by i-MSCP MUST have full privileges (or else it won't be able to create and populate the imscp table). You have two options, either using the SQL root user or having a specific SQL user which have full access to your SQL server.
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