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i-MSCP Installer - Preseeding Feature


The preseeding feature allows to preseed answers for the i-MSCP installer. This allows to make unattended i-MSCP installations. This feature is the suitable for ISPs which want provision their servers with i-MSCP pre-installed, or to developers that want setup their i-MSCP development environments using Vagrant.

Creating the preseed file

The preseed file is a simple Perl script containing variables that must be filled with all needed answers.

When creating a preseed file, you should start from a known good, default preseed file. A preseed file for the i-MSCP version you are using is located in the docs directory of the archive.

Adding the preseed file to the installer

Once the preseed file is ready for use, you must tell the installer to use it. This is achieved by running the i-MSCP installer as follows:

  # perl imscp-autoinstall --debug --verbose --preseed path/to/
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